Confession is good for the “Soul”

I’ve tried to hide the truth, but my first novel, Soul Lost, just went live on Kindle, so now the truth is out.


There I said it.

I have been trying to avoid it, trying to ignore it, trying to obscure it so that I can get respect from other writers.  I want to be a real writer, darn it!  I want to become a type: a “Tolkien” type; a “George RR Martin” type; a “Dan Brown” type; a “Bronte” type; an “Austen” type.

Wait a minute, the last two are still in reach.  They were also romantics: successful, respected romantics.

In honor of the launch of Soul Lost, I am going to blog this next week about romance:  how it fits into my writing; why I love it and what my favorites are; how it is written best (IMHO of course); and its proud tradition.

I am still really and truly a writer of fantasy.  Although I have written a thing or two without romance, I have never written anything without fantastic elements.  I’m all about escape, about providing respite for a weary soul, particularly mine.

So there you have it–it’s time to ‘fess up.

2 thoughts on “Confession is good for the “Soul”

  1. Wow congratulations on your book coming out! I would love to be able to confess to my followers that I am a total romantic, I’ve hinted at it, but I don’t think I’ll be able to tell them until I’m published (if I get published!) So fair deuce for admitting to it! 😛

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