So much beauty

I am appropriately socially outraged at the snow and ice.  How dare it cause so many problems for so many hardworking people?  What right does the weather have to shut down our city and wreak havoc on the busiest airport in the world?

It has every right.  It is the weather.  It is one of the few natural occurrences over which we do not yet have control.

I love it.

My neighborhood covered in a thick, pristine blanket of snow is one of the most stunningly beautiful sights I have ever seen.  I have spent the morning watching it out the window and taking pictures so that when it is all melted away (as it will be shortly; we’ll be well into the 50’s over the weekend) I can believe that it actually happened.

IMG_0924 IMG_0929 IMG_0933

To all you curmudgeonly nay-sayers I say, leave me alone.  I am watching the kids across the street slide down their hill on their pool toys.

4 responses to “So much beauty”

  1. You in Atlanta too? It’s been really nice seeing the streets empty and people walking around.

    1. Ditto. I’m out in Forsyth County. Sounds like you’re a bit closer to the city? Enjoy having the different scenery to run through while it lasts. 🙂

      1. Yeah, I’m in midtown

  2. yay! so pretty, i love it to 🙂

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