A Respite

It is no small thing to offer respite to a weary soul.

Natural beauty.

Natural beauty.

Life is a wonderful, complicated adventure filled with joy and sadness, work and play, love and hate, etc, etc. Along the way, however, a person can get awfully tired.  Not just physically tired, but world-weary and soul-sick.  Then it helps to have a break, no matter how brief, something that lets a person re-charge their batteries to get on with their day.



Jamie and Claire wedding


That is where the artists, the musicians, the entertainers, the story-tellers, and even the athletes, come in. It is up to us, doing what is called ‘entertainment,’ to offer respite to those whose labor conducting the necessities of living can seem endless and mundane. We give the moment’s escape, the heart-swelling charge, the motivational kick, that keeps people going and, in some cases, defines their purposes and goals.





That is the purpose of this site: to offer a moment’s escape and rest to a weary soul, especially my own.



One thought on “A Respite

  1. Beth, you are an inspiring person! I love your web site. I’ve bookmarked it so I can come back and browse when I’m feeling down. Thanks for being so wonderful.

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