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Life is a wonderful, complicated adventure filled with joy and sadness, work and play, love and hate, etc, etc. Along the way, however, a person can get awfully tired.  Not just physically tired, but world-weary and soul-sick.  Then it helps to have a break, no matter how brief, something that lets you  re-charge your batteries and rediscover your joy. That is where storytellers come in.

Storytellers give the moment’s escape, the heart-swelling charge, the motivational kick, that keeps people going. Do you enjoy my stories? Have something to share? I’d love to hear from you. Use the contact form at the bottom to send me a message.


What readers are saying…

Maisie’s List is a sweet story, with a little humor and a lot of poignancy thrown in. 


As I wasn’t previously familiar with the author, Maisie’s List was a total surprise to me in a very good way. It was a heartfelt and hopeful romance but at the same time there was a bittersweet element running under the main narrative that was spot on and gave it enough gravity and angst to keep me fully engaged in the story.


I wish I could give this book a ten honestly this is the best book I’ve read in really long time. I’ve found another author that is now on my I must read list. This story is beautifully written. This book melted my heart.  


A really heart-warming and emotionally great story. Fantastic characters that were fun and interesting. Loved it!!


Maisie’s List

Hand-picked and heaven sent.

A year after his wife’s death, Peter Hunter juggles raising their two precocious children and running his veterinary practice. When he receives a mysterious package from his late wife, Maisie, he discovers her matchmaking list of four potential mates. His office manager, Caroline, encourages him to trust Maisie’s judgement and give love another try. But dating is never easy, especially when his school-age children have opinions on everything. Will he ever find another woman who can make them all happy?

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Beth Warstadt Megan's Christmas Knight

Megan’s Christmas Knight

A Sweet Holiday Romance with a Surprising Twist.

Megan is running away from her life because she has committed an unforgivable sin that has ruined the lives of everyone she loves. She is rescued from her despair by a mysterious man on a white horse, Nick, who gives her five tasks that teach her about living joyously, even on the brink of disaster.

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Soul Lost

Can a librarian from the present and two strangers from the past join forces to save the future?

Isabel lives in the 21st century, never finding that one place where she feels like she belongs, until the day two strange men come into the library where she works with an incredible story: her rightful place is over a thousand years in the past as the wife of England’s King Alfred the Great.

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Beth Warstadt Soul Lost
Beth Warstadt Thanksgiving Dreams

Thanksgiving Dreams

A feel good holiday short story.

Rose Shepard is facing another frozen turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, her dreams of travel slipping farther and farther away when a strange man stumbles into her small town with an incredible story and a new take on the holiday.

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About Beth

From the first sentence of anything I write, readers have no doubt that I am a southern girl, born and bred in Nashville, Tennessee. I have a degree in English from Emory University but my writing career didn’t get started until I attended my first Georgia Romance Writers meeting. They encouraged me to weave my other loves – cooking, gardening, travel – into my stories, as well as characters from my family’s life in Suwanee, Georgia.

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