After a life-long marriage to her college sweetheart and raising two wonderful sons, Beth Warstadt is a firm believer in the happy ending, but the journey is not easy and the trials along the way are not for the faint-hearted. Her stories are engaging tales of heroes and heroines who find themselves in challenging situations they did not make with difficult people they did not choose. Never fear! This is romance. Love triumphs over evil, and the good guys always win.

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Soul Lost

Isabel lives in the 21st century, never finding that one place where she feels like she belongs, until the day two strange men come into the library where she works with an incredible story: her rightful place is over a thousand years in the past as the wife of England’s King Alfred the Great.

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Megan’s Christmas Knight

Megan is running away from her life because she has committed an unforgivable sin that has ruined the lives of everyone she loves. She is rescued from her despair by a mysterious man on a white horse, Nick, who gives her five tasks that teach her about living joyously, even on the brink of disaster.

Thanksgiving Dreams

Rose Shepard is facing another frozen turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, her dreams of travel slipping farther and farther away when a strange man stumbles into her small town with an incredible story and a new take on the holiday.