November 7, 2021

Two Author Appearances in November!

Keri Barnum has invited me to be the guest on her Free Advice Friday vlog, November 19 at 10am. She is interested in the joys and challenges of running an elementary school library in addition to nurturing a writing career that includes three romance novels.

I am also honored to moderate the Tall Tales general fiction panel at the Bluffton Book Festival on Saturday, November 20, 4-5pm, immediately following the interview with headliner Jason Mott. Tickets for our event are available on the book festival website, and include a copy of Jason Mott’s book, Hell of a Book, signed by the author. It’s a webinar, so anyone can attend from anywhere. Check out the website and see what other great events are scheduled.

October 12, 2021

Happy 1st Birthday, Maisie’s List!

One of my life’s ambitions was realized on October 12, 2020 with the publication of Maisie’s List by Wild Rose Press. Maisie’s journey to daylight was one filled with lots of ups and downs, but it has been a tremendous joy all the way around. Here’s to many more years of sharing her story with the world!

Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

September 22, 2021

Happy Fall Y’all!

Maisie’s List is the perfect Fall read! It begins on the day the kids go back to school and ends at Christmas. It has exciting football, mouthwatering tailgating, Halloween with great, creative costumes, and a true family Thanksgiving complete with a meddling mother and a secret love. If Fall is your favorite season, Maisie’s List fits in your game like cozy fires and falling leaves.

July 7, 2021

Another great review for Maisie’s List!

From member Amazon20years:

This book was such a joy to read. I love the characters and the love shared between Masie and Peter. I had that warm feeling you get when you watch a Hallmark movie. It was a great read. Not to be a spoiler there was only happiness for me at then end of the book. Great love will always mean wishing your mate or friend the best that life can offer. I wonder how many of us us would be as unselfish as Maisie. thanks Beth. I hope to see this on Hallmark in the future. I hope for more stories like this as wellI. I also need to add ,reading this book allowed me to leave behind the stress of daily life and cheer for this sweet family.

Check out Maisie’s List for yourself!

June 16, 2021

Maisie’s List is a featured title for Father’s Day on N.N. Lights Celebrate Fathers Event!

This event is made for this book. A widower doing his best to be both mother and father to two precocious children–there’s a dad worth celebrating! It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you shed a tear, but most of all it will give you that feel-good feeling that makes every day better.

Masie’s List is featured on this Father’s Day event on Sunday, June 20, but you don’t have to wait. Buy it now at these retailers:
Barnes and Noble
Google Play

February 14, 2021

The votes are in! Reviewers love Maisie’s List!

–TX Shadow ( But let me tell you this author was great in the way she told this story. The way his wife who past away left him a list of things to do and people to meet. I love this book. There was tears, laughs and also love…

–Marsha Gail ( I wish I could give this book a ten honestly this is the best book I’ve read in really long time. I’ve found another author that is now on my I must read list. 

–Julie ( This book is one that should be made into a Hallmark movie. You will definitely enjoy and want to recommend to friends.

–Breen (Goodreads) Maisie’s List was different from my usual reads. It had a different vibe that felt like freshen air and I’m so pleased of what I read. 

–Lizzi (Goodreads) A really heart warming and emotionally great story. Fantastic characters that were fun and interesting. Loved it!!

And many, many more! Check it out…

Maisie’s List on Amazon
Maisie’s List on Goodreads
Maisie’s List on at Barnes and Noble
Maisie’s List on Book Bub

January 1, 2021:

Even though 2020 is over, Wild Rose Press is already looking forward to the holiday season of 2021. They are collecting submissions for a short story anthology entitled Christmas Cookies, in which–

All stories have to do with Christmas or holiday cookies and must be a ROMANCE.  It must have a Christmas cookie in the title – for example something like Murder and Mint-Meltaways.  Something unique but make sure it has a cookie in the title. 

NOTE – We are not trying to discriminate against other holidays so feel free to make a Hanukkah cookie or some other holiday cookie.  But we want cookies – not pies, not cakes, etc. 

I have just finished my submission, “Lexie Lewis loves Lemon Squares,” and with a little editing, I will have it in well before their deadline of March 1.

If you feel inclined to dip your toe in the writing water with a short story, give it a look:

December 3, 2020:

Don’t forget to look for Megan’s Christmas Knight on N. N. Light’s Christmas and Holiday Book Festival. They add a few books every day, like an advent calendar for book lovers.

December, 2020:

Megan’s Christmas Knight (December 4) and Maisie’s List (December 17) are both part of N. N. Light’s Book Heaven Christmas and Holiday Book Festival…

Seasons Greetings! It’s December and it’s the holiday season. It’s the perfect time to wrap yourself in the holiday spirit. We love this time of year, and there are plenty of feel-good books out there, just waiting to be read. Join us and accept this very special invitation to take part in the festivities at N. N. Light’s Book Heaven’s 2nd annual Christmas and Holiday Book Festival. 36 authors share a holiday family tradition as well as 49 books featured plus a chance to win one of five Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift cards.

AND…after you visit, Enter to Win $50 gift cards…

And of course, a great Christmas gift for any lover of romance:

A year after his wife’s death, Peter Hunter juggles raising their two
precocious children and running his veterinary practice. When he
receives a mysterious package from his late wife, Maisie, he
discovers her matchmaking list of four potential mates. His office
manager, Caroline, encourages him to trust Maisie’s judgement
and give love another try. But dating is never easy, especially
when his school-age children have opinions on everything. Will he
ever find another woman who can make them all happy?

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