Well, duh…

For years, as I have tried and failed to become published, I have read that it is beyond important to become connected with other writers.  Networking, those-in-the-know advise, is the best way to meet people who can help you become a better writer and guide you toward success (publication).  Two years ago I finally bit the bullet and decided to join a writers’ association.  A published friend recommended the Georgia Romance Writers because they are so nurturing and supportive of new writers, even if what you write isn’t really romance.  I found this to be true.  It has been a wonderful way to “stick my toe in.”  I haven’t been completely at home, because romance writers are a breed unto themselves.  I stand in awe of how quickly they turn out a great product, often manipulating a well-established formula with admirable creativity.  I just can’t write that fast.  Nonetheless they will occupy a special place in my heart forever for their generosity and kindness.  If you are a struggling writer in Georgia whose works have elements of romance, I highly recommend checking them out.

Now, as you know, I am in this class and connecting with other writers through the message board, including the instructor.  Wow, what a rush!  Suddenly sitting at my dining room table trying to write amidst a million other claimants on my time doesn’t  feel so lonely.  Between the class and the blogging, I am starting to feel like part of a community.  I’m not the only one with multiple balls in the air, and I am not alone in the need for a dose of confidence.

So to other unpublished writers, who remain lurking just out of sight as I did for so many years, I say those-who-know really do know. Don’t be afraid to speak up.  The community of writers is a welcoming one indeed.

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