Yes, Two Posts in One Day

Today in celebration of the 4th of July, we have been invited to a barbeque.  Not only am I looking forward to knowing other football parents better, I really enjoy parties where I’m not in charge. I do always offer to bring something, of course; a Southern lady never shows up empty-handed.  Whenever a hostess can’t think of what to ask for, I always offer chocolate chip cookies.

I’m not sure why my cookies are so much in demand.  It is just the recipe from the back of the chocolate chip package.  Somehow, people think they are particularly good.  I think its just because I actully take the time to make them, when so many people don’t have that time.  Store-bought is good, but homemade seems to carry an extra je ne sais quois.

Perhaps there is something to be said for making them “with love.”  I long ago stopped making cookies just to fill the jar because we don’t need the extra calories.  When I make them now it is with something or someone specifically in mind.  As I mix and drop and bake and taste test, I think of the person enjoying them or, in today’s case, my son and husband being proud when people say that I make the best cookies they have ever tasted.  An exaggeration certainly, but flattering nonetheless.

This is my gift to give.  I hope you all have someone who bakes just for you.

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