Not that Seriously

There is some crazy stuff going on out there in fantasy land.  Some people are showing the true derivation of the term “fan” by acting like “fanatics.”  Fantasy is a genre of FICTION.  Yes, I believe it is as legitimate a genre as any other, and that it is important in defining the values of a society, but one of those values is the right to independent thought.  Rotten Tomatoes had to shut down their comments section because of the hate posts toward critics who didn’t like Dark Knight Rises.  To those fans I say “What the heck?”  That makes you as bad as the bullies who make fun of us for being geeks and nerds.  Let it go.  You can dislike a movie they love and call it even.

And by the way–the idea that “Bane” is somehow a political put down for “Bain” is too ludicris to be worthy of comment.  This person has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and has made himself look ridiculous for saying it.  Laugh about it and forget it.

One thought on “Not that Seriously

  1. Yeah, I just heard about the Bain thing and, to be honest, the person (who I will not mention by name) has lost any chance that I will ever read him, That interpretation definetly shows he doesn’t even know the use of his own language! I mean bane???

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