Writer’s Challenge, Day 5

I’ve been blessed to know many remarkable people in my life.  The first four subjects of these entries were absolute “no-brainers” for reasons that are obvious when you read about them, but I’ve struggled some on this fifth one. I was looking for was someone whom I considered a real role model; someone whose life has effected my own choices (WWGD–what would Grandma do?; WWDD–what would Dat Daddy do?; etc) and whose talents I admire so much, I have been happy just to sit and watch them.  As I applied that criteria, one choice became clear and obvious, though I confess it suprised me a bit.

Person 5: My husband

My husband is a remarkable person and has had a remarkable life, and that is no less true because I am married to him.  In a time when society is all about how much money you make, Steve runs his optometry practice like an old fashioned, small town doctor’s office.  He will often spend his day off at the surgical center with a patient who needs surgery, or take an older patient who reminds him of Grandma out to lunch.  He is very quiet about his pro bono work here in Atlanta; most times even I don’t know about it until someone decides to recognize him for his contributions.  His mission trips for Luxiottica’s One Sight are far more spectacular, of course, as he goes off grid into the poorest parts of the world to bring eyecare to those who have none. One of the qualities I admire most about him is his integrity;  he is always honest and fair in his dealings with people, sometimes to a fault (Not everyone wants to know what you really think!).  He is an unfailingly loyal friend, son, husband and father in spite of the fact that those he loves best are often the quickest to point out his inadequacies.  He is all man in his love for sports (“if it sweats and wears a number, he’ll watch it”); but he also loves music.  When I am careful and lucky, I can catch him singing in the car;  few of our friends know that he has perfect pitch and a truly beautiful singing voice. Like many men, he guards his feelings closely, but they show through in all of the actions of his life, including some romantic touches that have fed the fires of a 28-year marriage.  Sometimes it is easiest to miss the true value of the people you hold dearest, but there can be no question that my husband has left his mark on this world.

Aside: I have often wondered why he loves me (for reasons that are too close and personal to share with such an open audience), but I have no doubt that he does.  I do have one theory, however, that I will share with you.  I think that we do not just fall in love with the person, but also with way that person sees us.  Perhaps he loves me because when he sees his reflection in my eyes he sees someone accomplished; someone talented; someone handsome; someone worthy of every success he has achieved and more.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Challenge, Day 5

  1. Sounds like you are blessed in marriage. I believe that the miracle of love isn’t finding Mr. Perfect–it’s finding Mr. “Able to love Ms. Imperfect” and Mr. “Imperfect-but perfectly loveable” all in one man.

    BTW: I will celebrate 28 years of marriage this January. Another commonality in our lives. I feel very blessed in marriage; sometimes we drive each other crazy but we’re both still crazy for each other.

    • I am indeed. And you absolutely hit the nail on the head…neither one of us is perfect and the road has not always been smooth, but he still makes me a little weak in the knees.

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