A new character comes to call

Having finished Fred’s story within a story, I wasn’t quite sure where to go next.   Now Dan has come to call.  Who is Dan you ask? A very good question.  He is 40-ish, career-driven, and unmarried. Where does he live?  Atlanta, of course.  All of our cool glass skyscrapers make a great setting for a story focused on business. Sounds like he would be kind of a jerk, but he’s a secret “softie” who, when we meet him is working late doing his own secretarial work because he gave his secretary time off to tend to family business.  I intend to fix him up with his brother-in-law’s sister, but he wants no part of it.  We’ll see who has the stronger will: the character or the author.

Nick, the title character, is in the business of helping people who don’t know that they need it, but he has to screen the recipients very carefully.  Meg helps him with the screening. Under any circumstances, Meg is going to have to hop a plane to get back across the country and meet him.  I think it will work smoothly to have her enter his life as a temp since his secretary is out.  That way she can see what is going on and tell Nick if he deserves to be helped or not.  That is her job.

2 thoughts on “A new character comes to call

  1. Hi Beth:
    Thought you were going to drop me a line as a fellow author (and a sci fi one). Wanted to share and exchange info on what SN strategies you found effective, managing your posts, balancing writing and Social networking, like that.
    In any event, hope the book readership goes well and I look forward to spending more time in 9th century Britain, as I said.

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