I’m just not in control of my own story

You may remember on June 23 I was introducing a character, and I mentioned that I wanted to fix him up with his brother-in-law’s sister.  I said that he was resistant to the idea and we’d see who’d win: the author or the character.

Well–the character won.  Dan’s story went great; I loved writing it, and he is a lot of fun.  He has his own sister with two little children who have him totally wrapped around their chubby little fingers.  He does as he’s told (by his sister and by me) and goes to the party to meet the sister-in-law.  He likes her well enough to go out with her, but there isn’t any passion. I couldn’t make it happen no matter how I wrote it.  Because Meg’s job is merely to determine the need for a gift, not what the gift is, she moved on.  As I’ve been planning her next stop, there’s the woman Dan needs.  He’s going to be so happy when he meets her.  And this woman, Amy, she needs him too.  It’s perfect.

Now all I have to do is write it.

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