Writing, writing, writing

I do not multi-task well.

Please understand, this is an actual job requirement for being a working mother.  Would I have hired me for this job?  Probably not.  Would I have been fired if such a thing was possible?  Probably, though I’m sure we could have managed an amicable parting of the ways.  So here I am–mothering (getting child ready for first year of college), wife-ing, daughter-ing (mother frequent visits to the doctor), working (getting ready to start school tomorrow), writing and blogging.  My brain exploded. It was a terrible mess.

All kidding aside, I took off the writing brakes and spent every free minute writing trying to get my first draft finished.  Did I do it?  More or less.  I got to the end, wrote it, and was immediately unhappy with it.  That’s why there has been no celebratory blog.  You see, throughout the story, the characters have been constant in their roles.  Nick is strong and mysterious–a comforting figure who carries that unsettling element of the unknown and unpredictability.  Meg is a softer, conflicted character who evolves into a stronger, calmer person as a result of the events of the story.  Excellent.  Loved it.  Worked perfectly.

Then I got to the resolution–the time for the big reveal.  What was really going on?  Who was this guy Nick?  Where did he come from and how did he come to be there? Time to bring that romance home.  So Nick is explaining stuff to Meg–very dramatic–and he sounds like a wuss.  Strong, virile, mysterious throughout the whole story–explaining himself and hoping she will want to stay with him when she knows the truth at the end.  Nope, nope, nope.  Just doesn’t work.

So here I sit today, doing more research on Nick and the time period he comes from and trying to nail down his character with more backstory.  In that way I hope to give him a stronger voice and accomplish that big reveal in a way that will be truer to his character.  I wanted the story done by the end of summer break, but it’s no good if the characters aren’t happy with the end.  Happy characters make a happy author.  The End.

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