This week a friend lost her son in one of those freak accidents that every parent fears.  He was 5 years-old.  His name was Reece.

Her pain is too much to bear, yet she soldiers on–for her husband, for her children, for her family, for everyone else who mourns his passing.  I have no words of comfort to offer her, because there is nothing to say.  It is a terrible, horrible thing. End of story.

However, I am a writer.  It is how I hope and how I cope.  I can only write poetry when inspired, and these words came to me today:

For Reece

Too soon , too soon–
Why must you leave so soon?
A little heart no longer beating;
A little life too short and fleeting
Why must you leave so soon?

A light that sent the shadows flying;
A soul so happy without trying;
An empty place that leaves us crying;
Why must you leave so soon?

Alas, your songs will not be sung;
A silence lives where you would run;
The dreams you dreamed remain undone;
Why must you leave so soon?

But wait—that light has not burned out!
Your spirit still remains about.
We love you always there’s no doubt.
We won’t let you go so soon.

Reece Elseroad cropped

5 responses to “For Reece”

  1. LutheranMom Avatar

    I feel for the family and know this is a difficult time. The family’s loss is Reece’s gain. He has gained his Heavenly reward. Very sad for the family but comfort in knowing that Reece is with Jesus. No pain, suffering, or sin in Heaven. Thank you for the beautiful expression of love for the family.


    1. bethwarstadt Avatar

      Thank you for your comforting words. They are a family strong in their faith and so they are choosing to focus on their son in Heaven.


  2. Kitty smith Avatar
    Kitty smith

    How did he die? I hope to learn something from his death. I have 3 kids and wonder if there is a something that we need to be reminded of to be more vigilant about with our kids. Praying for the family.


    1. bethwarstadt Avatar

      Thank you for your prayers. I’m afraid I don’t have any details to offer.


  3. Abby Avatar

    I go to his school and I am sooooo sad . I wish he was still here I am literally in tears as I type this.


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