Welcome to the Green Hills


When I finished Soul Lost, I already had another story waiting in the wings. One morning, on the way home from dropping my son off at school, I sat at a traffic light and looked at a lot they were clearing for another strip mall.  I thought, ‘What if in the clearing they uncovered the top of a pyramid that was buried under the dirt?’ Given all the obligations of being the wife of a workaholic husband and the mother of school age children, saying my writing was slow is a euphemism.  Two summers ago, approximately ten years after I started,  I finished that book, The People of the Green Hills, and shortly thereafter I began its sequel, The Bend of the River. Already the characters are clamoring for books 3 and 4 as well, possibly more.  The story became a novel, and the novel became a project. And so, here I am.

Self-publishing Soul Lost has turned The People of the Green Hills from a pipe dream to a done deal, assuring me that I will see all of it in print as long as I am willing to work hard enough to do it.  So far it consists of a novel, The People of the Green Hills; two books from the ancient civilization that the archaeologists uncover called Journey and The Diary of Frank Counter respectively; and a PowerPoint describing the principles by which they lived.

This work has taken on a life of its own.  The characters are always surprising me, revealing things about themselves that I never even knew to imagine.  How does that happen?

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