My husband, God bless him, took me on a European holiday to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

Stop just for a minute and think what that means.  We have been married for 30 years.  30 years. When we started dating, I was 19 and he was 18, both of us adults for only minutes, cosmically speaking.  We have grown up together and shared every single aspect of being an adult, from owning our first cars, to our college graduations, to marriage, to optometry school in Philadelphia, to buying our first home, to having two sons, to buying and building an optometry practice, to building our second and most permanent home, to seeing both sons graduate high school and move on to college, to the deaths of family members and the beginnings of our own experiences with aging.

From my first visit to his family in Connecticut, including a personal tour of New York City, we have seen a lot of amazing things. We started with a post graduation trip to Disney World and a honeymoon in Hilton Head.  Later we moved on to a 1990 trip to Hawaii; the ’92 Olympics in Albertville, France; a 2004, 20th anniversary trip to England; Las Vegas, San Francisco; 25th anniversary in Pittsburgh (long story, but Les Miserables is at its heart); 27th anniversary in Los Angeles (again, ask me about Les Miserables); Washington DC (twice); New England (college trip for older son); last year’s cruise to Alaska to celebrate one son graduating from Georgia Tech and the other graduating from high school; and more common but no less remarkable trips to Sanibel, Ft. Myers, Destin, St. Augustine, Kiawah and Hilton Head.   Last fall, he asked me to go with him to a meeting at the beautiful Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs; and now we have had a remarkable two weeks in Italy and Germany. All of this we have seen together.  It has been and continues to be a truly wonderful life, and I thank him for that.

Not to mention of course, loving him more every day than the day before.  He has a tremendous amount of integrity and is honest to the point of having it cost him advancements in business.  He travels the world on OneSight missions, and leads teams to bring the same care to local school children with vision needs. And of course, there are his green eyes and great hair, which has matured from nearly black into a really handsome shade of gray, and curls at the neck when he goes too long without a haircut.

I am a lucky woman indeed.


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