Venice is a very cool place.  First of all, ya gotta love a place with no cars.  Every bit of land is pedestrian and all transportation is on water.  That is excellent…

Water taxi
Water taxi

Also, I have a particular affection for bridges, and Venice has bridges in spades, as you would expect in a place built completely on water.

Rialto Bridge
Rialto Bridge

Our hotel, the Venezia Boscolo, was magnificent.  It sat right on a canal and had a lovely garden courtyard.  The Murano glass chandeliers and lamps were nothing short of breathtaking. Our room was huge, the bathroom large and lovely, and the breakfast was delicious.

Lobby of Venezia Boscolo.  Murano glass chandelier.
Lobby of Venezia Boscolo. Murano glass chandelier.


St. Mark’s Square was also very cool, if a little crowded, and the Doge’s palace was spectacular.

Mosaic on St. Mark's
Mosaic on St. Mark’s

And the view of the busy port is spectacular…

The harbor in Venice--looks like a post card doesn't it?
The harbor in Venice–looks like a post card doesn’t it?

And our favorite example of the magnificent art of Murano glassmaking…

A mohel.  Is that not the greatest thing?
A mohel. Is that not the greatest thing?

All that being said, Venice was not quite what we expected. Lots of Murano glass and Venetian lace, both of which were on my list to buy, but so much of it felt like cheap imitations that I was not really inspired. Also we got lost–a lot.  Since there are no cars, the streets can just end very suddenly with no place to go.  Or, you get to the end of a very narrow street and you hit a canal with a bridge, you go over the bridge, and, jeez Louise, where the heck are we?


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