Last night we hosted a Christmas party for my husband’s office staff.  We do it most every year, and as much as I enjoy it, it is exhausting for me because I do all of the preparation myself, including all of the cooking.

Then the children danced…

Several of the staff members brought their children, little children ranging in age from about 5 or 6 to almost 2.  They are precious coming into the party, shy and hiding, either with heads down on Daddy’s shoulder, or hiding behind Mom’s jacket.  Soon as they discover my musical toys, however, shyness falls away, and they push all of the buttons at once just because they can; they bang on the piano in accompaniment; and they dance with my dancing Santa.

Dancing Santa
Dancing Santa

Santa sings “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and sways his hips back and forth like he’s in an aerobics class.  It’s nearly impossible to watch him and not sway with him, until you see the children doing it, and you have to stop and revel in the sheer abandonment and joy that they radiate as they dance and bounce and twirl to the music.  My stress and exhaustion fall away, and I sit in my rocking chair and watch them dance.  What a happy, happy thing!  What a joyous celebration!

If you feel stressed by the season, I suggest you watch children dance.  It will take all your troubles away.

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