Respite- It’s bigger than you think.

So my blog’s raison d’etre is to offer “respite to weary souls.”  I claim “it is no small thing.”  Let me offer proof:

The things of respite–art, music, theater, writing, all forms of entertainment–remind us of why we do everything else.  Art-the beauty of creation; music-lifting the soul toward heaven, whatever music speaks to you; writing–the great thoughts of humanity put on paper for all to share; entertainment–the truest form of community that can be shared by the entire world. These things, even for example sit-coms, teach us why we do everything else: love of family, love of friends, the shear joy of living found in humor.

David cropped



Music and Dance

Writing and powtry

Writing and poetry

Let me say also, that it is these forms of respite that will speak to generations to come of our ethics and values.  Family and friends above self.  Love above money.  Humor in sadness.  Self-respect above achievement.  Good triumphing over evil, though the journey may be fraught with pain and suffering.  Do you doubt my “Pollyanna” views?  Watch TV tonight–not the news, but something entertaining.  Read a book.  Listen to music.  Watch and listen carefully and you will see it hiding just below the surface.  We still believe.

Good vs. evil; family and friends above all

Good vs. evil; family and friends above all


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