Megan’s Christmas Knight is Here!!

I’m so excited to announce that the e-book version of my new book, Megan’s Christmas Knight, is live on Amazon!

Set at Christmas, it is the story of a woman, Megan, who has done something terrible and humiliating and so she is running away from her life.  She is rescued and whisked away by a mysterious stranger, Nick. He takes her to a place where the people are devoted to creating and giving gifts for those with the greatest needs who live joyously and never ask for help even though their situations are desperate.  Nick enlists Meg’s aid to find the people who most need their help, sending her on a fascinating journey of discovery.

I wrote it because I still believe in the holidays and all that they stand for: a giving spirit, a celebration of life, and an showcase of love in all of its wonderful forms.

Megan beth warstadt final (2) resized

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