I have changed my page design again because here in Atlanta winter is over and has been for some time. While I love the snow and I am always dreaming of a white Christmas, it is now March and so it is time to move on.

What, you may well ask, is my connection with China? Absolutely none. I do however think of the Great Wall often. What an amazing feat of engineering it is! Yet it was done without a bulldozer or a crane. There was no digital design or GPS. It was just people taking however much time it took to create something that would last forever. I love that. I use it as inspiration in several ways. It reminds me that great things can take a long time, but they are usually worth it. It proves that almost anything is possible if you are willing to work hard enough. And it shows that things can be made to last forever, emphasis on FOREVER. Built-in obsolescence is a concept of the modern age. In centuries past people made things with the intention that they would NOT fall down.

So there you have it. When I look at my blog pages from now on, I will see the Great Wall and remember that if they could build that amazing structure with so few tools, I can do great things too. So can you.

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