The Respite I Owe You

Welcome to a new day! The news would have us believe that the world is on fire and there is terror and despair in every corner. This is not true. It has never been true. The world is a wonderful, beautiful place, and there are far more good people than bad.

I sat in the high school carpool line many years ago, and it hit me like a tidal wave. I was not the only parent who loved her child and was committed to getting him to school every day, and he was not the only student doing what he was supposed to do. In a school of 3000 if there are a 100 students who are problems, then there are 2900 who are good kids. 97% of the teenagers in that school are showing up every day and NOT getting in trouble.The future doesn’t look so bleak after all.

Many years ago I came across this TED talk that literally changed my life. I first posted it in 2014, but re-watched it this morning, and I thought I would share it with you. If the link doesn’t work, please copy and paste it in your browser. And be patient. The first 3:30 is his introduction, and well worth watching for his stunning time-lapse photography, but the movie begins at 3:30 and that is the part that will change your day.

I wish you love, I wish you beauty, I wish you peace.

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