Do I  blog or to go through the several thousand e-mails waiting for my attention? Since the several thousand e-mails totally overwhelm me, I will blog. (If you have written me an e-mail that I have not answered, please understand it is buried in an avalanche of “Christmas is coming” sales promotions. I promise I will find it, but if you need me before I dig out, please text me.)

Many of you are waiting for brilliant and inspiring posts on our adventures in Ireland TWO months ago. Those will be forthcoming. Today I have an announcement to make…

(Trumpets sound a fanfare)

I have been accepted for PAN (Published Authors Network) membership in RWA (Romance Writers of America)!

What does that mean? It means I can prove that I have actually made books that generate sales (Megan’s Christmas Knight and Soul Lost.) For everyone who knows me this is old news, but I view my accomplishments as pretty modest considering I can’t quit my day job. Tanya Agler, the president of our chapter, Georgia Romance Writers, encouraged me to apply for this status because, after all, I am a published author. They accepted me! I feel so validated. Still modest, but validated.

This is just what I needed to kick me back into writing gear. (Recent events regarding my new book, Maisie’s List, have seriously deflated my confidence.) I’m back on the case and determined to prove myself worthy of the honor.

One response to “To Blog, or Not to Blog”

  1. Untraveled Routes Avatar

    Congratulations! I have been away for almost a year! Feels good to read fellow bloggers accomplishments.


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