Maisie’s List is about a widower named Peter Hunter whose wife has left him a list of people to date. He loved his wife, and since her death, living has been dragging from one chore to the next, fulfilling his responsibilities to his children and his job. Maisie knew him better than anyone else. She knew this is what he would do.

Maisie’s list is not just a list of people to date. It is a commission to rejoin life. She wants him to have fun, to engage, to enjoy. In the letter where she reveals the first person on her list, she writes:

You have got to get past “What was she thinking?” and move on to “Why not?” I think you’ll be surprised at how much fun you’ll have. Remember fun?

Peter’s journey begins as one of obligation, obeying his wife’s last request, but evolves into a rediscovery of the myriad feelings that go along with a true engagement in life, including fun. Kids are fun! Sports are fun! Holidays are fun! Music and dancing and travel are fun! C’mon, Peter. Rejoin the party.

What does he do for fun, you ask? I will tell you some, but no spoilers.

Sitting in the stands with other parents, jumping and high-fiving when his son makes a touchdown.

The son Peter understands.

Covering a laugh at the crazy things that come out of the mouth of a very opinionated six-year-old.

The daughter he does not.

Picnicking in the park with crazy neighbors, outdoor food, and evening-ending fireworks.

Did I mention Peter’s a veterinarian?

A loud, boisterous rock concert in the city center, dancing like no one is watching, and no children allowed.

Rediscovering his younger self.

A juicy, stack-of-napkins burger and the cheap beer of youth.

Needs no explanation

Halloween anticipation through a child’s eyes, total absorption with the perfect costume, and trick-or-treating with a pillowcase.

Peter’s full Halloween experience includes carving a pumpkin with his kids.

Loving your job and working with a staff that is comfortable enough to tease the boss.

Peter’s office manager, Caroline, is the one that really calls the shots.

Maisie’s List . Remember fun?

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