Ode to the Teaching of Literature in a Media Driven Age

The ubiquitous plays of Will the Bard

Are oft considered very hard

By students who struggle with an older form

Of English so different from our norm.

“The play’s the thing” that makes them rage

Against drama on the printed page.

And so they miss the utter glories

Of Shakespeare’s powerful, epic stories.

Not just Will but others too

Are lost on non-readers of our youth.

The stories and morals we would teach

We dangle just beyond their reach.

And so I say to those who care

Do not strand our children there

In the land of those who are illiterate

Reading alone is inconsiderate.

Will’s great stories were not formed

To read in silence but performed.

His people did not read his plays

Few people read back in his days.

Film is the drama of our days

And movies take the place of plays

So I beg those who teach our students

Use multi-media as is prudent.

Take the literature of our days

And teach them all in their own ways.

Sneak it in when they don’t know

And let them just enjoy the show.

2 responses to “Ode to the Teaching of Literature in a Media Driven Age”

  1. Heidi Avatar

    LOVE IT!!!! May I share with my class on the first day of school?!


    1. bethwarstadt Avatar

      Of course you can! Thanks so much for taking a look. Hope to see you soon. By the way, it’s a great looking group of boys you have there.


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