Why a blog by Beth Warstadt?  The reason is absolutely self serving.  I need a place to sort things out on my journey through this next stage of my life.  With children near grown, writing is now front and center, though I will tell you that a call from sons, husband, parents, sister or friends does still and always take priority over anything else.

My writing and reading reflect the things that interest me. Because that is, so far, EVERYTHING (yes I do mean everything–except politics and economics which don’t interest me at all), I will use my posts to organize and sort through the information I accumulate along the way.

I am hoping to connect with others who have comments or reflections that will guide me along my way, and I will be glad to add mine to those who want them.

It is my intention to post some of my own writing for entertainment or criticism (constructive please) and link to others that my excavations of the internet uncover.

Let me say that long ago, at the beginning of the millenium, I was a participant in an online forum for Lord of the Rings.  We had a thread called “Frodo’s Kitchen” that included people of a variety of ages and places in life from all over the world.  We discussed Lord of the Rings, of course, but we also became friends, sharing interests, insights and life experiences.  I hope to recapture some of that here.

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