Writer’s Block generally refers to a person’s inability to put words on the page, usually because the ideas have all dried up.  This is not my problem.  I have a flood of ideas, more than I will ever be able to get on paper in the rest of my life. I have block -‘S’–that is many barriers standing between me and a successful career as a writer.

Let me first say that I define success as a writer as being read.  Money has little to do with it, except that if I am paid for it I can claim it as my ‘profession.’

Today I find myself overwhelmed as I am so many days.  I am not published, so how do I justify the time to write when I have so many other tasks pleading with and clawing at me.  The laundry HAS to be done, the shopping HAS to be done, the cooking HAS to be done, the house DEMANDS my attention, and all I want to do is write.

All the guides for writers I read say reading is essential to being a good writer.  I saw where one writer reads 5 books a month. Five books a month!  Are you kidding me?  In addition, a good writer needs to make time to keep fit.  Exercise every day.  Blog and read blogs.  Be on Facebook.  Be on LinkedIn.  Hone your craft.

The light in my brain is flashing ‘TILT.’

I think of the president of the writers’ group I attend.  She works full time (not writing), is married, has young children, writes, and is president of a large active association.  When you talk to her she is patient and kind, a wonderful, nuturing mentor.  She does so much, and I can barely get through far more modest demands on my time.  Why is that?

It’s because she is really good at it.  Really, really good.  I could try to be like her for the rest of my life, and I would never succeed.  It makes me want to crawl under this table, curl into the fetal position and hide.

But I am not going to do that.  Why?  Because I love my life.  I want to be the perfect mother, wife, daughter and friend.  I want to keep a beautiful house, be a great cook and be a good friend.  I have chosen this life, all of it, and have exactly what I wanted.

And I want to be a writer.

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