Star Wars: You are my club now

Thanks to a truly crazy work schedule, I have not been able to start my Star Wars Club at school this year.  Frustrated and lonely (from a Star Wars point of view)  I am turning to  you, my loyal readers, to share Star Wars with me.  I’ll start with my first PowerPoint every year which gives the kids–remember that they are in elementary school–a little taste of George Lucas’ influence in motion pictures.  It ends a little too quickly, I think, but I haven’t worked in the THX stuff yet.

Importance of Star Wars

Enjoy and comment please.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars: You are my club now

  1. Great visual. Back in the late 70’s, I sat in a theater and watched Luke and Hans accelerate to light speed and I was amazed! It was so cool. Kids today will never get to experience the thrill of that–or get why that low-tech effect was such a thrill.

    I’m glad you are walking them through the evolution of today’s, now common but still unbelievably realistic, visual effects that have their roots in that jump to light speed!

    Thank you Lucas for inspiring Peter Jackson! I’m counting the days until the Hobbit releases!

  2. Hi my. Name is. Jeny….and I had the chance to read. Your. Articles through Karen’s. Facebook. Page…. and I really liked. It. Can you. Please. Put. Me on your. List …so I can receive them ….by. the. Way …Karen. just. Told me that. You. Are. An English. Teacher….so usually. I am a better writer. But. Karen’s. Phone has. The smallest. Keyboard I have. Ever. Seen … I apologize. For. The grammatical. Mistakes ….thanks. again

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