Wonder Full World

My gift to you today…

My soul gets so weary of the world sometimes, and I need something to heal and rejuvenate it.  I made this slide show to remind myself that the slings and arrows of life are temporary and do pass, even if it seems they never will. There is so much beauty still in the world, both natural and manmade, if we can just hold on and focus on that, the other seems far less important–cosmically at least. If you need a respite from fear or anger or sadness, have a look at the beauty that exists all around us.

Wherever I could I used pictures my family has taken; we have been blessed with some extraordinary vacations.  My husband travels for Luxottica’s One Sight, and he actually took the pictures of Machu Picchu and the elephant family in South Africa.  I have never been to Australia, however, or New Zealand, or Nepal or many of the other places. I took them off the Internet and thank the unknown photographers who share them.

Put on your favorite music, sit back, and know that the world is still full of wonder.

Wonder Full World 2.0

Because of my technological ignorance, it comes up in the slide show editing mode: simply go to the top menu, “Slide Show” and “From Beginning.” 

One thought on “Wonder Full World

  1. An uplifting slide show, Thank you. The Cordoba Mosque in Spain reminded me of Tolkien’s hall’s of Khazad-dûm. I wonder if Peter Jackson’s crew used it as a model for Moria.

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