I thought I had become so used to rejection that it would roll right off like rain on a duck’s back.  Turns out, not so much.

Had an agent pitch at a recent conference and I pitched Nick.  The agent was very kind and asked for my first three chapters.  Her rejection was also kind.  She didn’t even ask for more pages to review.

I have 35 rejections for Soul Lost and 11 for People of the Green Hills. Doesn’t sound like many compared to some, but it is certainly enough.


One thought on “Rejection

  1. What really puts this in perspective for me was an ad from Writer’s Digest luring writers with completed manuscripts to their east coast conference, stating that out of 500 writers who attended and met with 60 agents who attended, they know of 3 who got signed. Do the math on 3 out of 500. I’m right where you are, Beth.

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