Georgia Romance Writers: James R. Tuck

Have I mentioned that I am a member of the Georgia Romance Writers?  Sometimes I hesitate to do so because I do not feel like I should be associated with a professional organization when I’m not good enough to be considered a professional.  Instead, whenever I go to meetings, the members are enthusiastic and encouraging, and include every level of author from those who have just begun their first project to multi-published veterans.  I have been a member for three years, and though I am never as deliberate as I should be about attending meetings, whenever I go my determination to write is renewed, and my passion once again burns  brightly.  In particular I try not to miss their annual Moonlight and Magnolias conference the first weekend in October–absolutely outstanding.

This organization has a gift for presenting the most interesting speakers.  Yesterday’s speaker was James R. Tuck, author of the  Deacon Chalk: Occult Bounty Hunter series.  I have not read his books yet, but I absolutely intend to after hearing his presentation yesterday.  What an interesting guy!

Here is a man who does not look to have anything in common with a conservative housewife from Suwanee, but he knows a lot about writing and character development.  He taught us about ‘alpha,’ ‘beta’ and ‘omega’ characters.  By his definition ‘alphas’ are born, not made.  The are supremely confident and so have no trouble surrendering leadership when another member of the pack is better suited to the task at hand.   Always their first concern is for the success of the pack.  Sometimes a ‘beta’ tries to be an ‘alpha’ but it doesn’t work out very well, and the group suffers from a lack of competent leadership.  ‘Omegas,’ he told us, are the peacekeepers and serve as liaisons between different alphas in the same group.

James held our attention completely.  He spent more than half of his time addressing questions as we wondered about our own characters, other characters in books, TV and movies, and real people in real life. I took pages of notes that I don’t have time to put up now; maybe another time I can do it more justice.

To the GRW, I say thank you as always.  You are the kindest, most talented group of writers it has ever been my privilege to know.

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