January GRW: Beverley Kendall


Beverley Kendall was the speaker at yesterday’s Georgia Romance Writers’ meeting and she was, of course, wonderful.  I’ve never been to a meeting that I didn’t come away feeling invigorated, motivated and inspired.  The program directors have a real talent for picking speakers with great things to say who say them in entertaining and engaging ways. Beverley Kendall spoke about her survey of self-published authors and her data made me proud of being self-published.  It seems I am in very good company with some very successful, well-recognized authors.  She has published her findings in a report available on her blog:


What were my take-aways?

  • First, self-publishing is completely respectable.  Stop apologizing for not catching the eyes of traditional publishers.
  • Second, there is good money to be made, even if you aren’t world famous.  It is possible to make a living self-publishing.
  • The data shows that the more books you have available, the better the whole list sells.
  • Series sell best.
  • Professional editing and covers are very nearly essential.

There is plenty more to be culled from her report, so much so that she went well over her allotted speaking time with the blessings over her eager audience.  She knows whereof she speaks:  she has both traditionally and self-published with the success of my dreams.  In addition to her blog-which has the results of the self-publishing survey–she also has a website

http://beverleykendall.com/ Beverley Kendall website smaller How can it be that I considered not going to this meeting in order to finish packing up my Christmas ornaments?  The ornaments are still there and will still get packed.  The meeting put me back on the writer’s track and put my priorities in order as they should be.


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