…to Hanover, New Hampshire.  That is the home of Dartmouth College and of my son, Kevin, for the next two years. He’ll be starting as a graduate student in the MALS (Master of Arts, Liberal Studies) in March.

It is so beautiful here.  When we came to look at it for undergrad in 2008 it was July and pretty enough.  But now, in the winter, it is magnificent.560It’s so hard to back off, acknowledge that your baby is a grown man who likes to handle things his own way, but we are trying.  We wanted to be here for moral support and bolster his confidence that he is doing the right thing.  I wonder if we didn’t need to be here more than he needed us.

Anyway, he knows that we love him.  He knows that we believe in him.  He knows that we are happy for this to be his new home and hope that he will be so very happy here.   Truth is I am almost as excited as he is to see what this new life holds for him.

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