As horrible as the ice storm has been. I confess I am happy to have another day to recover from the travel ordeal.  An extra day to write, as it were.

If anyone was following the excerpts from Nick, I’ll be happy to supply more of the story.  Barring that, however, it is time to apply what I learned from Beverly Kendall at the last GRW meeting.  The important point: Series sell.

Even though my very kind friends and one much appreciated stranger have expressed an interest in more adventures of the characters in Soul Lost, I am not yet ready with a story to follow that one.  The characters have to speak to me, to demand to be heard, and right now Isabel and Alfred are silent.


In another novel that I have finished, however, there are many more characters–an ensemble if you will–and they have plenty to say.  They have created a cacophony in my brain that could conceivably keep me busy for years.  The foundation of the series,  People of the Green Hills, is complete, and I am currently editing it to then submit it for more professional editing.  After what I hope will be a quick reread and revise, I can turn back to its sequel, The Bend of the River.  It is well begun, about 20,000 words so far.  I’m going to take Beverley’s suggestion and finish both before I put them up on Kindle together.

I am not done with Superman, Star Wars, Tolkien, Little Movies I Love, travel stories, etc, etc.  But now, thanks to Beverley Kendall and GRW, my writing feet are on a well-defined path.

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