I am stalled out on NaNoWriMo, as my “daily word count necessary to finish” goes up and up and up.  I am not stalled because of writer’s block, or because I’ve lost interest, or because I’ve given up.  No, I am stalled for the same reason I always hit a brick wall about this time every year: I have so much to do in a life that is wonderful and full, that work, family, and friends trump everything else I have to do.

That’s where the stupefied part comes in.  How do I get past this?  Even if I can’t get to 50,000 words because, you know, I’m like slowwwww, my much more modest goal is to write 1000 words everyday.  The solution?  I don’t know.  If I did, I wouldn’t be asking the question.

P.S. I’m at 16,000 words.

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