Castle wedding.1

After being so very angry with “the powers that be” at Castle for destroying their perfect, happy day, I am willing to let bygones be bygones since they gave us this one instead.  The truth is that this setting was far more romantic and suitable for them, and I’ll give you my reasons why:

1. Castle and Beckett are very classy people. From the beginning the depth of their relationship has been a very private thing, known only to those closest to them.  Such a big wedding seemed unnatural for them through all of their planning in Season 6.

2.One of the things that irritated me the most was that they robbed us of the moment when Castle saw Beckett in her wedding dress. The way his breath caught and his expression was overwhelmed when he saw her on her father’s arm on this day was perfect. She looked so beautiful and most important, she was “Beckett beautiful,” tailored but soft and romantic. I still wish he had seen her in her mother’s dress, and I hope they were able to salvage it after the firemen drenched her next to the burning car.

3. I always believed they needed to marry in the Hamptons, and the setting was absolutely perfect.  Yes, I realize it was on a set, otherwise how could they control the sunset?  But my imagination is good enough to handle it, and I knew in my heart they were standing in the backyard looking out over the ocean.

4. Although I wish Lanie, Esposito, and Ryan had been there, there is a certain appropriateness that it was only Martha, Alexis and Jim.  This is the family they are making, the true family, small but growing.  I’m waiting for Ashley to realize what an idiot he was to let Alexis get away and transfer to Columbia to be with her.  Then their family will be truly complete.

5. The dance.  What can I say about the dance?  It was perfect, just like Beckett said.  The last look on Castle’s face: he was overwhelmed yet again at being loved by this woman who was so happy at this simple thing.

Castle wedding dance

6. On a side note, I thought Alexis looked beautiful, too, the loveliest I ever remember, with the possible exception of her prom dress.

There is no question in my mind, speaking as a writer obsessed with character development, that Beckett was what Castle needed for all of his life and Castle was what Beckett had always needed as well.  And I do mean need.  The hints were there from the very beginning: that his first love, Kyra, was so real; that Beckett also loved comic books and magic; that Beckett had been a big fan and his books got her through her mother’s murder (I wonder if she has told him that yet.); the fun they had together; the way they complete each others sentences; etc, etc, etc.

In my humble opinion the actors absolutely sold it in this episode.  They looked so happy and in love, that it is hard to believe they were just acting.  That is the sign of a great performance.



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