We all know them, we all make them: New Year’s Resolutions.  That time of hope and optimism when you believe that planning ahead makes it all possible.  A chronic list maker anyway, I must make mine every year.  Here they are for 2015:

1. Re-release Soul Lost in April with a new, professionally made cover.  Tie it in with Kindle Direct so that they will help market it.  Finish creation of hard copy and shop to local bookstores.

2. If they do a good job with the Soul Lost cover, then I’ll use the same group to make the cover for Nick and release it in August.  Release hard copy using professional cover, and market for Christmas.

3. Polish People of the Green Hills (new ending to reflect direction of the next three books) and have same group make cover (I hope). Shop it around to see if I can find a publisher. Ply publisher to buy the entire series.

4. Finish River’s Bend and use the two books together for marketing.  (Ditto cover.)

5. Begin book 3 tentatively titled River’s Bend Escape (likely this year’s NaNoWriMo project).

6. Blog three times per week; read and comment about 10 posts by other bloggers.

7. Create professional author’s page on Facebook.

All the rest?  The typical “lose weight” and “be a better person?” After 55 years I have to say I’ve come to accept the person that I am, though I never stop trying to evolve.

I’m curious about the resolutions of others.  Anybody out there to comment?

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