My son and some other friends are going through some very rough times right now, so I want to share a life-changing lesson I learned when my parents lost everything.  I mean everything.  The car was repossessed, and the house barely sold for what they owed. They left their life together of 32 years with one suitcase each, set off in different directions and never saw each other again.  There are worse things that can happen, but that was pretty bad.

So anyway, my heart was breaking at what they were going through and the loss of my childhood home, so much so that I thought I couldn’t stand it anymore.  And then guess what…the sun came up the next day regardless of what was going on in my life, and it came up a lot of days after that.  Slowly but surely, the pain ebbed to a dull ache and now it’s only a twinge of painful memory.  My point is, as bad as things get there is always a new day coming in just a few hours.  Always, always this too shall pass.

Morning sky

2 responses to “Troubles come and go”

  1. hoping4astory Avatar

    Oh my! I hope you’re okay.


  2. bethwarstadt Avatar

    Thank you so much for asking. The problems are not mine, except as I worry for those I love. For them I appreciate all good wishes and prayers.


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