Yes, you read me right.  It is time to start prepping for Christmas.

Every year just in time for the Yellow Daisy Festival, I make my Christmas list of people so that when I get to the craft booths I can keep an eye out for special or unusual gifts for the people on that list.  Yellow Daisy is on Saturday, and it’s time to make the list.


At the top are always husband and sons of course–for them I will be looking for things to do with sports, or writing, or personal fitness.

My mother loves angels and inspirational mementoes.

My sister loves to laugh, is vegan and loves animals.

My best friend has a wonderful sense of humor and loves dogs, but she is also very feminine and enjoys decorative accessories.

The nieces and nephews mostly get gift cards unless I see something particularly cool for them.

We have several good friends who have a particular fondness for good foods and wines.

Something small, cute and unusual for teacher gifts.

Yellow Daisy

Once upon a time, I made a lot of my gifts, but I no longer have the time or patience for needlework or crocheting, so I count on others to do it for me.  Yellow Daisy is the best: 450 vendors, a beautiful setting, music and food, and FUDGE.  I am very particular about fudge and there is one booth where it is particularly good.

So…Ho,ho,ho!… Christmas shopping I go!

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