Yellow Daisy

What a wonderful day we had!  The Yellow Daisy Festival is one of my favorite things to do every year, especially when my sister goes with me.  We had so much fun.

What is The Yellow Daisy Festival?  It is the largest craft fair in the southeast and one of the largest in the country, featuring over 400 different vendors from all of the country.  It is set in beautiful Stone Mountain Park, weaving in and out among the trees in a naturally preserved area (preserved except for the 200,000 plus people who tromp through the woods).  The crafts range from jewelry to clothing to art to food with astonishing variety of style and quality.

Of course I have my favorites and dragged my poor sister to visit every one, although she found a few things of interest for herself.  While I used to buy a lot of crafty stuff for the house, I go looking more for gifts these days, but I bought mostly unique food stuffs.  There’s Ginny’s fudge with more flavors of fudge than I have ever seen anywhere.  I bought pumpkin, birthday cake, lemon, peanut butter, amaretto chocolate swirl (my personal favorite), Snickers, Butterfinger and, new this year, maple bacon.  Believe me I just cracked the surface.  We also made our annual stop at Smak Yo Mama barbeque sauce (so good it makes you want to smak yo mama!), and an new place, 3Beer Rub, where we bought spices and spicy caramel popcorn.  There were pickles, too, and jellys.  Absolutely delicious.  Lots of samples all around.

My second annual purchase is always a unique Christmas ornament.  This year I bought two: a marble one for Georgia College, which my son attends, and a hand painted one with a fireplace and stockings personalized to include our whole family. We were lucky enough to find that the marble place also made decorative wine stoppers, all college themed.  We were able to knock out a couple of gifts there.

I guess I’d better stop before I give away all of my gift purchases, but it was a very productive day.  I can’t wait until next year, and I hope I’ll be able to lasso my sister in again.

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