I got out of the habit of reading during the twenty years that being a mom was my primary concentration.  Considering the voracious reader I was before that is really something.  I did read the books that my children loved, however, and many of those books are well worth your time.  These are my suggestions:

  1. Harry Potter.  I read these tomes in record time, racing as I was against my older son to see who could finish them first.  He had the advantage of having more time to read, but I had the advantage of being a faster reader.  These are wonderful books about the battle between good and evil, about friendship, and about the power of a mother’s love.
  2. Animorphs.  I loved these books and they opened a whole new world to me.  Her thoughtfulness about the way animals perceive the world, while obviously mere supposition, was really thought-provoking.  What is it like to be a bird that soars in a situation where it has to flap its wings to stay aloft?  How does a dog feel about seeing other dogs?  What is the sensory overload for a fly?  Fascinating stuff.
  3. Percy Jackson.  Not my biological children, but my students loved these books, so I read them to see what it was all about.  Another story of an outsider who is the Chosen One, much like Harry Potter.  It makes you wonder how many children feel like outsiders that they all love these books so much.

There are so many others, but these are the ones that stand out in my mind.  I still like to read what my sons are reading, just to see what they are interested in, but now my older son recommends Game of Thrones. We’ve come a long way from Harry Potter.

Now I am reading for myself again, and I find I am so far behind, I will never catch up.  My reading for this rainy day is the book Intersections by Nicki Salcedo.  It is a collection of her columns for decaturish.com and contains wonderful reflections on life by a woman I have long admired.  When I met her, she was the president of Georgia Romance Writers, pregnant with her fourth child and a working mother.  Turns out she and I have more in common than I ever imagined.  I’m reading with pen in hand, underlining lines and passages that have particular meaning for me.  It’s that kind of book and a wonderful way to spend a rainy day.

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