I’ve been watching the new Cinderella non-stop since I bought the DVD, and it reminds me why I write.  Let me explain.

I watch this movie over and over because of the way I feel when I watch it.  Happy. Hopeful. Believing in all the things I’ve always wished would be true.

What things are those? That good will beat bad.  That a person’s goodness will show through and make her more beautiful. That someone will recognize that goodness and love her for it, even if she is not someone of great importance in the world. That there can be rulers who want what is best for their people and who treat everyone with kindness and fairness.  That there is a place of such great natural beauty that it inspires people to build great palaces.  All of these things ARE true, they DO happen, but it is hard to hold on to the feelings that make our hearts swell in our day-to-day lives.

That is why I write fantasy.  Fantasy gives our soul wings when reality would bind it firmly to the ground..

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