Megan’s Christmas Knight

Nick has been renamed by the publishers who so wisely projected that for searchers to find a Christmas book, it needs to have Christmas in the title.  Thus it is now Megan’s Christmas Knight. Nick is, after all, Megan’s personal “knight in shining armor” so to speak.  He rescues her in every possible way a woman can be rescued. I’m good with it.

I do so very much love the cover:

Megan beth warstadt final (2)

I picked out the picture myself because it so beautifully captures the relationship between Meg and Nick.  He is always there, just behind her, mysterious but protective.  She is a little overwhelmed by him and all he represents but she gladly follows where he leads her.  Perfect. Picture.  Then there’s the background which says Christmas without being too cute or precious.

Now comes the rest of the process bringing the book to reality.  I’ll keep you posted.


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