Happy Halloween!  I love this holiday for so many reasons, which is why I have orange lights in the tree outside my front door and pumpkins on my porch, even though I haven’t had children living at home to trick-or-treat in years.

What I do have is nearly 100 trick-or-treaters from the neighborhood and some beyond. I eagerly answer the door every year to see what are the popular costumes of the day.  This year I am expecting a lot of Frozen princesses, both Anna and Elsa. As you can imagine, I am hoping for at least one Cinderella. The boys will probably steer towards the Avengers or other superheroes, although there is a new Star Wars movie coming out so there may be a few Jedi in the mix.  As the evening wears on and the crowd grows older, I expect the classic zombie cheerleaders and football players and the ever-popular Scream mask.

I create candy bags for all my trick-or-treaters so that I don’t have frenzied arguing over my candy bowl.  Each bag has four treats in it, and they are all made with love for the simple joys of childhood.  Yes, I know all that candy will rot their teeth, but I’m counting on their parents to control its distribution.  I always allowed mine free-rein on Halloween night, then portioned it out all the rest of the days until we got the new influx at Christmas.

Some people feel that this is a bogus holiday, but I feel just the opposite.  It is a wonderful time-honored ritual, a celebration dating to hundreds of years ago.  If it has morphed from religious observation to a costumed free-for-all, so be it.  Everybody should have the right to assume an alternate identity at least once a year, and some days should be filled with candy.  That’s the way I see it.

2 responses to “Halloween”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Hi Beth, Love your outlook on Halloween. My kids only have free reigh on halloween candy as long as the packaging is inspected by a parent first. Too many reports on needles and blades being found in candy to allow it to be unchecked.


    1. bethwarstadt Avatar

      I’m with you on checking the candy before they eat it. Some people in our neighborhood include their name and address in their treat bags. Thanks for visiting.


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