Let me just say it, just put it right out there.

I am a Christian.

Not a Bible beating or a foot-washing Christian, just a regular old generic protestant Christian.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about Jesus and Christmas.

Jesus was a happy guy.  Oh sure, he was sad when it was appropriate to be sad and mad when it was appropriate to be mad, but mostly he attracted huge numbers of people with his messages of hope and love.  When he went to a wedding he turned the water into wine so they would have enough for everybody.  Before he preached a sermon, he made enough loaves and fishes so that every person present could eat before he spoke.  He was a very wise man.  He knew that no one can concentrate on an empty stomach.  And he knew that celebrations are a very good thing.

Let’s look at Christmas from Jesus’ point of view.  Spending time with family? Check.  Buying or making gifts for others? Check.  Forgiving and forgetting? Sometimes. (Don’t forget the story of the German and Allied forces that called a truce for Christmas to play soccer.)  Appreciating all we have, especially decorating the homes we love whether they are trailers or mansions? Check. Singing and otherwise making music?  Check.  Cooking feasts to share? Check.

Many of us do it all with Jesus in mind.  How would he act?  What would he say? I think he is there in every hug, every gift, and every party.  As Tiny Tim would say, “God bless us, every one!”

And so He has.

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