Day 14–Happy

I wish I could give everyone the happiness I feel right now.  It is a perfect moment in time.  It is one I’ll look back on and know that I am capable of being completely calm and content.  What can create such happiness?  It is a confluence of all of the elements of my life flowing in perfect measure into the same place at the same time.

I am writing. ‘Nuff said.

I am sitting in plain view of the Christmas tree.  I can see all of the most precious ornaments I put on the front of the tree when they first came out of the box.  It gives me a joy that I can only feel one month out of the year, but it is a very good month.

While I write, I am baking cookies to send north to our family.  We are very distant from them, and I keenly feel their absence from our lives, but this one time of the year we connect over chocolate chip cookies.  One year I tried sending something else, and my brother-in-law was quick to say that wasn’t what he wanted, Where were his cookies?  I do love to bake, especially to give away.

I am also baking brownies to send to my father-in-law.  It’s all he really wants from us.  We’ve tried to buy him gifts and nearly always miss the mark, but he absolutely loves the brownies.

Star Wars is on.  Luke has just met Obi-Wan, and Princess Leia is making her first appearance in the holographic message.  John Williams’ haunting score is playing in the background.  Star Wars makes me happy.  Needless to say I already have my tickets for The Force Awakens, which I will be seeing with both my sons and my husband.  You see? A confluence of the things I love.

For this hour, I am comfortable in my skin.  My hands don’t itch.  My legs don’t ache. My stomach doesn’t hurt. I don’t have a sinus headache.

Soon my husband will be home, and I do love my husband.  I am always best when he is around, even if we are not doing anything together.

We are having a simple meal of spaghetti. Delicious, filling, but easy to make and easy to clean up.  He’ll walk into a house smelling of spaghetti and chocolate chip cookies.  A welcoming homecoming.

Both of our sons have called this afternoon–just to talk, just to share their day.  Do you have any idea how happy that makes a mom?

This is a good day.  I wish you the happiness and contentment that I feel as your gift for day 14.


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