As 2016, I am ready to jump in with both feet and take this year by storm.  My inspiration and motivation?  Star Wars.

Star Wars got an amazing reboot in 2015, and so I am rebooted as well.  A New Hope is one of the defining moments of my youth, and watching The Force Awakens with this new generation of appreciators makes me feel young again.

I may be older and less flexible and considerably heavier, but, by God, if Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill can do it, then so can I.

Mark Hamill is gray and so am I, and that’s okay.

They have managed to bring in new faces and storylines without forgetting where they came from, and so can I.

The Force is still with them, and it is still with me as well.  For me the Force has always represented the notion that you can accomplish anything if you just believe in the existence of Something Greater than yourself and tap into your inner strength. I may be older, but the Something Greater and my inner strength haven’t gone anywhere.

Star Wars reminds me that there are all sorts of people (aliens) in the world (galaxy) and some are good and helpful and make you stronger, while some will lead you down the dark side.  The lesson is: hold tight to the people who fill your life with love and light and stay away from those who fill your life with hate and darkness.  Also, make sure you are one of the ones who bring others the light.  On a side note: sometimes the dark souls can be saved.  This is a worthwhile cause as long as they aren’t leading you the other way.

Star Wars is fresh and new (and old), and so am I.  If they can make such a remarkable new start, so can I.

Aaron Kim/
Aaron Kim/

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