Day 28–Wrapping it up

Yes, Christmas is three days over and I am just getting to the end of it.  Part of that is because I have been busy.  Part of it is because I don’t want to admit that it is over.  Still, as I sit here writing, I am glancing up at my Christmas tree and loving it as much as in the beginning.  It continues to remind me of a life well-lived.  What it also represents now is a commission.  What am I going to do next year to add to my memories for my 2016 tree?  They are less New Year’s Resolutions than an commitment to continue living my life well.

Let’s look at what aspects of my life the ornaments represent:

Travel:  I have no big trips planned for this year, so my travel must be more determinedly done.  We are going to New Hampshire in February, but Kevin has brought me my Dartmouth ornament already.  I think I will go home to Nashville, perhaps for the last time, to see my father’s and grandparents’ graves and to visit an old friend.  I have several ornaments from Nashville already, but I do think I will try to find another Opryland ornament to replace the one that broke.  It may have to be an Opryland Hotel ornament, but that’s okay.  So, Nashville and New Hampshire– where else shall I go?  I want to commit myself to doing more local travel and celebrating the wonders of the places “in my own backyard.”

Family and Friends: These ornaments will come like so many others from a local craft fair, perhaps Yellow Daisy.  I hope that by next Christmas I will be celebrating spending more time with my mother throughout the year.  I also want to look at my ornaments and know that I have reached out to my friends more often and perhaps made some new ones.  I need to let everyone know how much I love and appreciate them.  Will that be what I will be remembering next year?

Interests and Hobbies: Writing is not a hobby or an interest, it is a vocation and a lifestyle, but next year I will have a writing ornament or two on my tree to mark the time and commitment I have put into my chosen field.  There will be more books out, more stories published, and more time spent.  I should also be celebrating contests I have entered, and perhaps won or at least placed. Yes, next year’s tree should definitely be a writer’s tree.

So as much as my Christmas tree has been a celebration, it is also a source of reflection.  What will I be celebrating with my Christmas tree for 2016?


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