Game of Thrones…Yessss!

Spoiler Alert.  Don’t read any farther if you haven’t seen the Game of Thrones season finale from Sunday night.

King of the North! King of the North!

Game of thrones king of the north

Yesss!  My boy Jon Snow has been proclaimed King of the North by his bannermen.  The White Wolf. I am one happy Game of Thrones camper.  Winterfell retaken, Sansa by his side, Arya on her way home, Bran discovering the truth of Jon’s parentage (he totally has the right to be king)–house Stark on the rise.

That was just one of the happenings in last night’s episode that had me on my feet cheering at the TV.  It was definitely a case of oooo! and ahhh! all night long, and the wow! factor lingers with me today.

Let’s recap, shall we?

Cersei let loose the wildfire–no surprise there, but  Tommen taking a nosedive–that was unexpected.  My son showed me a Reddit this morning that drew the comparison between Jaime pushing Bran out the window and his own son falling, and there truly is a sense of karma coming home to roost.

Speaking of karma, how about Arya slitting Walder Fray’s throat?  I am not usually a violence person, but it was very sweet to see her avenge the deaths of her brother and mother. Joffrey has paid his for killing her father and the Red Wedding, the Boltons have paid theirs for their part in the Red Wedding.  I think she can be done now, even if she hasn’t hit everyone on her list.  I am ready for her to go home with her brother and sister so they can face the coming storm together.  I’m not sure how her new skill set will serve against the ‘walking dead,’ but she certainly has a role to play.

Dany making Tyrion her hand.  Thank you, thank you.  Finally she has come into her own, recognizing good advice when she hears it, and finally someone has recognized Tyrion for the talented political and diplomatic genius that he is.  I almost cried when she made him her Hand.  So did he.

Bran knows now that his brother is actually his cousin. That’s ok.  Was there anyone left in the world who didn’t know that Lyanna was Jon Snow’s mother? Ned was too honorable to break his vows of marriage, even if his true, deep love for Caitlyn came later. Now all that remains is to find out truly and definitely that Rhaegar was his father, and that he and Lyanna were married, so that Jon is legitimately Targaryen and Stark–the joining of Fire and Ice.

Dany is coming west with dragons, Ironborn, Dothraki, Unsullied, and a slew of ships from all over the place.  She will certainly be more popular than the Lannisters, and now the tables have been turned.  Her father was the Mad King who had to be killed by Jaime Lannister; now Cersei is the Mad Queen who I predict will also be killed by Jaime Lannister. Karma.

The big question is: How will Dany and Jon fit together to rule the new Westeros?  They both have legitimate  claims to the Iron Throne, but to be honest I don’t think Jon wants it.  He may be half Targaryen, but in his heart he is a Stark and a northman.  If she will take the south and give him the north, I think everybody gets what they want.

And, the bottom line is…winter is coming. When the White Walkers and the army of the dead cross the Wall, all bets are off.  Suddenly we will have to have a united Westeros to save all the people from annihilation.  And Jon is the one who has seen them and fought them, although without much success.  The plan for that coming disaster needs to be their top priority, and he knows it.

I can’t wait for next season!



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