Fitness Update

Just a quick update on my efforts to live a healthier lifestyle and arrive at 60 (three years) ready to take on the new decade with a ferocious and enthusiastic love of life.

It is September 21, and I have been counting calories for 101 days, 1800 or less per day. I have mostly achieved that goal and I am thrilled to say I have loss 25 lbs. since I began in June.

My walking regimen has taken a beating since I started back to work on August 6 (that’s when the students came back to school–I was able to walk daily during pre-planning). I walked yesterday for the first time in a couple of weeks, and as soon as I finish this post I am off again. If I have lost 10 more lbs since school started, think of what I would have done if I had been walking all along.

Time to be off–Cheers to all!

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